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13 Feb 2020 So, a bunch of nervous, eager, and energetic teenagers attended God and Government 2020. Now what?

Thirty-six high school students arrived in Ottawa on Tuesday, February 4. They came by planes, trains, and automobiles. They slept in an old jail. They went to court. They went to the theatre. Well, sort of. They attended question period in the House of Commons. They ate Beaver Tails, checked out the Rideau Canal, made new friends, and experienced the travel delights of delays and cancellations due to a whopping snowfall. But most importantly, they came for politics. That’s where the fun really began. The students listened to presentations from a...

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23 Jan 2018 LN feature – God and Government: Apply now!

ARPA Canada Grassroots Manager, Colin Postma On the feature this week, a look ahead to this year’s God and Government conference, which is being planned for April 18-20th in Ottawa. The guest is ARPA’s Grassroots Manager, Colin Postma, who is one of the main organizers of the event. -------   LN: We don't often find the words "God" and "government" even in the same sentence. In some sectors of society, there's an outright hostility to "mixing religion and politics." But that's the title of this conference. This is pretty counter-cultural. CP: Well, Al, ultimately that's the mission...

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23 May 2017 A last look back at GGY17

Twenty-nine young people – mostly 11th and 12th graders from across the country – gathered in Ottawa for three days earlier this month for training in politics, worldview, and apologetics. Their experiences and impressions of the conference are now documented in an online video. Generally, the consensus was that the conference was valuable for education, networking, and equipping them to interact with the culture and with their elected officials. One of the participants actually had an encounter with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “We were walking out of Question Period and...

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