The Christian Family – Book Review

Wherever in this vast country you are reading this, we hope you are enjoying a great summer!
This time of year is a blessing to us. The travel schedule is much lighter, and the ARPA staff are able to put some thought into fall planning, personal development, and family vacations.

Last week the ARPA staff completed a book study on “The Christian Family” by Herman Bavinck. It was part of our routine of starting each week together in prayer and devotion – whether we are in Ottawa, Smithers, Calgary, or Yarrow, technology enables us to meet each Monday to touch base and encourage each other in our work for the upcoming week.

In the video linked below, Tabitha shares some thoughts on Bavinck’s book.

While this newsletter is a bit different than our regular updates and calls to action, we hope you enjoy!

July 18, 2019

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