We Are Family – Family Matters

We Are Family – Family Matters Campaign


In their 2019 throne speech, the UCP promised to table family law amendments in 2020. The previous government passed legislation that includes very concerning language that must be corrected and improved. The new Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act inserted gender identity ideology into the law for child and family services, removed foundational language about the family, and has removed important safeguards pertaining to government intervention.

In late 2019 we launched the We Are Family campaign and planned to resume it in 2020. Due to COVID and economic circumstances, this was put on hold.

Now, on Family Day weekend, we are launching a one-week campaign to create awareness and promote the foundational role of the family. This short campaign is called Family Matters. It’s a short one. So, don’t miss it. It goes from February 12-19.

Let’s do our part to help improve Alberta’s family law, protect vulnerable children, and promote the foundational role of the family in society.

Get involved by working your way through the checklist below!