Newsletter #1: E-Luminary (Free)

Each week we send an email to our supporters with a link to our Lighthouse News program with a short write-up of the week’s stories in Canadian politics and news. Every 2-3 weeks this email is expanded to include other stories and links to articles on our website, this is known as the E-Luminary. Our emails reach more than four thousand Canadians each week with news, action items, events, and articles that are all devoted to equipping readers to be salt and light in their communities and country. To subscribe, sign-up here.

Newsletter #2: Printable E-Luminary (for churches)

The printable e-Luminary is a one-page printed newsletter that is meant to keep churches up to date on a few key political issues. It is available once per month and is distributed by people like yourself who print it off and then photocopy enough for their church. Because of its short length, it does not have the same amount of information as the email version. But it is an important way to build awareness in churches. To get it for your church please send a note to and request it. We are also happy to help you out if you have any questions about this. Some specific points about distributing the printable version in your church:

  • It will not be partisan so churches don’t have to worry about their charitable status.
  • It is meant to be photocopied in black and white. It is also always one page, to keep costs minimal.
  • Consider asking if you can use a church photocopier.
  • Alternatively, ask a business person from your church if they can donate the use of their copier.

Newsletter #3: Donor Update

ARPA Canada donors receive two updates per year that include behind-the-scenes details of our activities. This donor update comes via Canada Post.

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