Bill C-314: Mental Illness and Euthanasia

Status: Defeated at second reading in the House of Commons

Description: Would have eliminated the expansion of eligibility for euthanasia to those with mental illnesses. Bill C-7, the last piece of euthanasia legislation, had a sunset clause that would allow those with mental illnesses to be eligible for euthanasia. While the government delayed the implementation of this clause by another year in Bill C-39, this bill proposed to scrap that clause entirely.

Analysis: It is incomprehensible that our society provides suicide prevention to one class of citizens and assisted suicide to another class of citizens. The extension of assisted suicide to those with mental illness effectively means that assisted suicide is a perfectly legitimate solution to suicidal ideation. Instead of offering assisted suicide to those with mental illnesses, we need to provide better mental health care and support to those who are suffering.

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