Age of Consent Legislation Finally Passes!



March 4, 2008

By ARPA Canada

After over two years of stalling and resistance, the crime bill that includes a clause to increase the age of consent for sexual activity from 14 to 16 was finally passed by the Senate and received Royal Assent. It was passed last week Thursday, when 18 Senators voted in its support. Sadly, 80 Senators either opposed, refused to vote, or did not show up. But the bill is now law and Canada no longer has one of the lowest levels of protection in the Western world. It is about time!

Many people should be thanked for their hard work in getting this passed. First, we can be thankful that our Prime Minister and Justice Minister made it a priority to get it through the Parliament without any more stalling from other parties. Second, we can thank organizations like Canada Family Action Coalition who have worked hard to promote this legislation for many years now. We can also thank you – individuals and groups who have brought this issue up with their MP or who have emailed and phoned MP’s to encourage action. Most of all, we can thank our gracious God for blessing this effort to protect children from sexual exploitation.

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