ARPA and Armageddon



May 19, 2010

Marci McDonald’s recently-launched book “The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada” has been making headlines across the country. In this 400+ page book, McDonald attempts to make the case that the “Christian Right” in Canada is large, organized, has direct ties to Harper, and is something that all Canadians should fear. Alongside the many factual errors, one of its key weaknesses is they way that the author paints all conservatives with the same brush, lumping ARPA in with most other religious organizations that dare speak up in the public square and suggesting with the title that we all share a common view of the end times which motivates us to political action.

Click here for a good review from the EFC, along with a list of more reviews. Click here to watch the author debating on CTV with Ezra Levant and Joseph Ben-Ami.

For those who are curious, she devotes a couple of paragraphs to ARPA’s work and makes specific mention of our event last year in Parliament, our opposition to the Corren Agreement, and our working alongside other organizations to fight the growing demand for euthanasia.

It is books and articles like these which spur us on to discuss the importance of a Christian contribution to the public square. Be sure to pick up a copy of the transcript of Ray Penning’s talk in Parliament from a local ARPA group in your area (or listen to a short version here) to learn more about this. McDonald and so many others fail to recognize the Christian heritage that our nation is built on. So many of the things that our country values had their origin in, and can only be sustained by a uniquely Christian worldview. For just one example, buy a copy of the book “Building on Sand: Human Dignity in Canadian Law and Society” by ARPA’s director Mark Penninga.

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