ARPA Australia Formed



April 6, 2009

ARPA Canada is excited to hear that members of the Free Reformed Churches in Western Australia have started an Association for Reformed Political Action in their beautiful country. Although the group is just beginning, there seems to be a good level of interest and support already. Political awareness and action is not foreign to the Reformed churches in Western Australia. In the past there has been a group called the Calvinistic Political and Social Association.

May the Lord bless the efforts in Australia, and may he use this new ARPA group to promote justice, righteousness, and peace in their land. Readers should be aware that although we share similar names, ARPA Canada and ARPA Australia, along with local ARPA groups in Canada, are independent of each other and have the freedom to pursue their own objectives. Regardless of our independence, we are grateful that we can be of assistance to each other in our common goal of motivating and equipping Reformed churches to political awareness and action.

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