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March 31, 2008


“ARPA Canada’s determination to engage and motivate Christians to be active in a positive way in the political arena is most welcome. More Christian involvement, especially by the Reformed community, in the secular public square is a must. Only the light of God’s Word can show the way out of the present darkness and provide the hope and encouragement needed to find solutions that work. ARPA’s desire to work with grassroots local groups is most commendable. I sincerely hope that many get inspired by this new initiative to establish their own local ARPA and so become more involved as Christians at all levels of our democracy. ARPA Canada will be there to help with resources and suggestions for action.”

– Dr. Cornelis Van Dam [Dr. Cornelis Van Dam is the Professor of Old Testament at the Theological College of Canadian Reformed Churches]


“As a Member of Parliament for over ten years, I recognize the importance of organisations that equip the grassroots with the resources and encouragement they need to make a positive contribution to this country. I heartily support ARPA Canada in its efforts to promote political awareness and action among Reformed churches and to bring a Biblical witness directly to government. Having mentored Mark Penninga some years ago when he worked as an Intern in my MP office on Parliament Hill, I am confident that that he has the knowledge and passion needed to coordinate this work. In an age when Christians are being told to keep their religion in the privacy of their homes, we need groups like ARPA Canada to challenge this and encourage more participation of faith in public life.”

 – Dr. Maurice Vellacott, Member of Parliament, Saskatoon-Wanuskewin [Maurice Vellacott has been elected Member of Parliament with the Reform Party, Canadian Alliance, and now the Conservative Party of Canada. He recently served as Chairman of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and the co-chair of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus]


“Every Christian has an important role to play as an engaged citizen, making a positive impact in the community and the nation. ARPA Canada is a vital force to inform and mobilize Christians to engage. It is not enough to have organizations that do the work on behalf of the Christian community; each person has an individual AND collective responsibility. Mark Penninga is uniquely gifted to help Christians in the pew to understand and act on the important issues of our times.”

 – Janet Epp Buckingham, LL.B, LL.D [Janet Epp Buckingham is the Director of  TWU’s Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, Ontario and a constitutional law expert who formerly worked for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada]

“The Cloverdale Chapter of the Association for Reformed Political Action is very encouraged by the creation of a new ARPA Canada. It is telling that the members of Reformed churches, though largely composed of first and second generation immigrants, have recognized the need for an immediate and pertinent Canadian cultural apologetic. ARPA Canada will, we are sure, serve us well in its careful analysis and presentation of Biblical ethics and policies.”

 – Surrey/Cloverdale ARPA [This ARPA has been a shining example of the wonderful work that ARPA’s can do in a community. Their group has worked with all levels of government, organized events, and continue to keep BC’s Lower Mainland informed with their ARPA Alert.]


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