ARPA Canada Featured in Reformed Perspective Magazine



April 12, 2008

Reformed PerspectiveReformed Perspective magazine has graciously chosen the launch of ARPA Canada as the theme for the April issue. Thanks to the generosity of some donors, thousands of complimentary copies of this special issue will be distributed to the Canadian Reformed, United Reformed, and Free Reformed churches across the country. As a result, many readers will be introduced to both the RP magazine and ARPA Canada. We are very grateful for the generosity of the donors who made this possible, as well as RP magazine who allowed us to be featured this month.

ARPA Canada recommends RP magazine for all members of Reformed churches in Canada. It is a great way for you and your whole family to stay up to date on the news, stories, and issues that matter to us. It is a fun and stimulating read. Articles from ARPA Canada’s director will be almost a monthly feature in the magazine.

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