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October 27, 2015

The Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada is a non-profit organization devoted to educating, equipping, and encouraging political action among members of Canada’s Reformed churches and shining the light of God’s Word to our civil governments. Because our current webmaster is getting married and moving on to a full-time career, we are in need of someone to fill and expand this role.

Job Description: Web Developer and E-Activist (approx. 20 hrs/wk)

The ideal candidate will be responsible for furthering ARPA’s mission by managing our websites and information technology as well as developing tools that will equip our constituents with the means to be an effective salt and light. He or she will have a heart for using technology to maximize the quality and reach of ARPA’s resources and activities (including the campaign).

Location: We will consider all Canadian locations, with a preference for BC’s Fraser Valley or Ottawa.

Requirements for applicant:

  • Heartfelt agreement with the mission, vision, tone, and core principles of ARPA Canada;
  • Willing to abide by ARPA staff policies including those pertaining to expenses and staff conduct;
  • Active membership in a confessional Reformed church and full submission to the Bible and Reformed confessions;
  • Experience with most or all of the responsibilities listed below – detailed in a resume or cover letter;
  • Self-motivated and disciplined work ethic – ability to work alone;
  • Able to provide own working location without compensation;
  • Flexible with quickly changing priorities and duties and able to respond quickly to time-sensitive matters;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff, as well as grassroots supporters;
  • Friendly and servant-hearted demeanor;
  • Ability to work well with a team, through email and video conferencing;
  • Portfolio showcasing previous experience in web development;
  • Six month trial period and minimum 2 year expected commitment.


  • Experience (either professional or volunteer based) with political or other advocacy organizations;
  • Volunteer experience with ARPA;
  • Graphic design or video production experience.


The ideal candidate will report to the Executive Director. Duties will include:

Server Administration


    • Multisite management
    • Software updates and update debugging
    • Uptime Monitoring / On call ability
    • Intrusion detection and response
    Knowledge (comfortable with):

    • Unix (!), Git, Remote shell, Injection and email attacks, VPS management

Web Construction and Development


    • Able to gather requirements and build a top to bottom solution
    • Comfortable with an Agile development model
    • Able to learn and critically decide on usefulness of new frameworks
    • Comfortable with debugging an unknown system using an API reference

    • Apache, PHP, MVC in php model, MySQL, MongoDB, jQuery, angularJS, HTML in emails, HTML5, Google Analytics



    • Build/manipulate templates
    • Design or edit one-off webpages for specific occasions

    • A type of photoshop or vector editor (Adobe, GIMP, Inkscape…)



    • Able to debug remotely for regular users
    • Able to be on call

    • Mac OSX, Windows 7 or greater

Other duties as requested.


Hourly and negotiable depending on experience and skills


If you are interested in the job description and meet the requirements that we are looking for, please submit a resume and an accompanying cover letter (that introduces yourself and details how you fulfill the requirements and assets listed above), as well as two work-related references and one pastoral reference (from either an elder or pastor), to ARPA’s Executive Director Mark Penninga – [email protected].

ARPA Canada reserves the right to only follow-up with, interview, and hire candidates that it deems suitable for the position.



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