ARPA Granted Intervenor Status in Supreme Court Euthanasia Case



July 4, 2014

With thankfulness to God, we are grateful to report that ARPA Canada has been granted standing as an intervenor in the Supreme Court of Canada case Carter et al v Attorney General of Canada, which will decide whether Canada’s laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide will stand. As with the Loyola case, the Court is allowing us 10 pages of written arguments, and will decide later if we will also get to make oral arguments.

This case will have a huge impact on the value of human life in Canadian law. Once a line is crossed where some human lives are deemed not worth living, then it is up to the subjective will of some to decide whether others meet their criteria or not. 

When we considered intervening, we were told that the likelihood was very small that we would get standing. We were also told that if we failed it would make future interventions even less likely. But we proceeded because we believe that we have a very important argument that must be made. To be silent when the final decision is made did not seem right. At the very least we had to try. By God’s grace we will now be able to explain the importance of the sanctity of human life to all the Supreme Court judges. 

Please pray for the Court and the intervenors as they prepare for this case (the hearing is scheduled for October 14). 

We would also like to thank our donors for making efforts like this possible. 


Mark Penninga and André Schutten

Association for Reformed Political Action Canada

PS – for some context on the issue, check out this article that was written by ARPA and published in the National Post earlier this year.

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