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July 9, 2008

AIDSBy Barbara Kay – National Post – July 9, 2008

More money continues to be spent on HIV/AIDS – a terrible but preventable scourge – than any other disease in history. Billions. Much of it is wasted though, because control of the HIV/ AIDS industry is in the hands of liberal NGOs and medical experts who cut their battle strategies to fit their ideological cloths.

In a National Post column published on Monday, Michael Fumento, a public intellectual specialising in health issues, lamented the entrenched truth-avoidance in the AIDS industry. The barrier to progress, in his view, is resistance among AIDS-industry elites to acknowledging unpalatable epidemiological truths. These truths identify the sexual practices of their pet minorities as the culprit in spreading HIV, and change of those sexual practices as the key to reducing HIV infection in high-risk populations. Read the rest of the article here.

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