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November 19, 2013

We are excited to share the 8 finalists in our first-ever billboard design contest. ARPA thanks Compass Creative for working with the finalists to improve their concepts, for judging, and for providing our two feature prizes (Samsung tablets). Thanks to Reformed Perspective Magazine for providing 6 runner-up prizes. We also thank everyone who entered the contest. Our hope is to do this again so if you want to try again, or try for the first time, keep those ideas perking!

We now challenge local ARPA groups and the general public to turn these designs into real-life billboards (details below). Note that the designers may be open to modifications upon request (eg changing logos).

First Place: By Lynn VanEerden – This can be part of a series in which each design points to the humanity of the child still in the womb – if they could talk they would have the same thoughts as the person planning the abortion. Not pictured: “This could ruin my life” and “This was not part of the plan.” Note that the stock photos will be replaced soon.

 First place: design B

 Second Place by Caitlin Hamoen 

Second Place: Alternative Design


Runner-up: Karyn VanDooren

 Runner-up: Jaclyn Kuntz

 Runner-up: Josie Huttema

 Runner-up: Sheryl Moedt

 Runner-up: Jonathan Bakker

 Runner-up: Christie Hoeksema

If one of these interests you, or the group you are a part of, please do a bit of investigating to see if you can afford a temporary or permament billboard (eg, by working with a local pro-life society). Then send an email to ARPA Canada with details of what you are looking for. We will then pass it on to the designer and work together to get a high-resolution version that can be printed.

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