Christian Citizenship Guide: Christianity and Canadian Political Life



March 7, 2011

New ARPA Resource: Christian Citizenship Guide, researched and written by Michael Wagner (Phd in Political Science, University of Alberta)

“The Christian Citizenship Guide is easy-to-read and packed with fascinating facts about Canada’s history and our political and legal systems that even political keeners will find new and refreshing. With a special focus on ways that you can make a difference wherever you are in life, as well as study questions for each chapter, we hope to see this book on many coffee tables, school desks, and library shelves.”   – Mark Penninga, Director ARPA Canada

This Christian Citizenship Guide is intended to help us better understand Canadian political life and the valuable role that we each can have in applying our faith to it. Topics tackled include the Christian contribution to Canada’s history, understanding our Parliament, courts, and Charter of Rights and Freedoms and measuring up the modern understanding of human rights to our faith. This is all capped off with a look at what we can do to make a positive impact in the community and country where God has put us.

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Pages: 119
ISBN: 9780887561009
Layout and printing: Premier Printing
Cover Design: Lynn Van Eerden
Edited by ARPA Canada
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