Don’t quit! A call to perservere



May 3, 2016

It is very likely that Bill C-14, which would legalize euthanasia, will pass through Canada’s Parliament in the next month, becoming the new law of the land.

Bioethicist Margaret Somerville has warned that a law like this one could result in up to 12,000 people being killed annually in Canada. This is no small matter.

The House of Commons justice committee is studying the legislation with the purpose of recommending amendments and has asked ARPA for a written response as well as a presentation (Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 6:20-7:20pm EST). You can find our written brief here.


Please make use of one of our three new EasyMail letters which are carbon copied to all of the MPs and Senators who are sitting on the justice committees in the House and Senate. We have heard that the Senate committee members are hearing very little from the public, apart from those who want to legalize euthanasia. A new video explaining all of this, plus the three new EasyMail letters is here. It just takes 10 minutes to contact all the members of both committees!

EasyMail Letters

  1. Not One Innocent Death!
  2. Increasing Discrimination against those with Disabilities
  3. Real Medicine Doesn’t Kill

Please note: if you have tried to use EasyMail on a phone or tablet before and found it to be very difficult we sincerely apologize. Note that we now have a mobile version so please try it again and you should find it far better.


Some of you have asked why ARPA Canada is still pushing hard for Parliament to prohibit euthanasia when it seems like that is not even an option any more. A few important points need to be understood:

  1. Parliament still has the means to completely prohibit euthanasia. Our brief to the Justice Committee includes an Appendix which writes the law for them and provides a link to our legal opinion which proves this is possible. This committee can tell the House of Commons that this is their recommendation. Most MPs mistakenly believe that they have no choice – they have to follow the Supreme Court’s directive. That is not true. We see it as our duty to set the record straight and bear witness to the truth. Parliament has to show leadership, and we have to call them to do this. If those committed to the defence of life don’t do this, who will?
  2. There is abundant evidence that proves that even a “restrictive” law is very weak because it will be challenged quickly (like it is already) by those who demand that the “right” to “assistance in dying” extends to them as well. Further, the current bill is so weak that many people will already qualify for killing. Unless the line is drawn firmly where it needs to be (“thou shall not kill”), it will erode quickly.
  3. ARPA’s work is not limited to just urging prohibition. As our brief shows, we make the case for prohibition loud and clear, but then we also provide specific ways in which they can make the current legislation less evil and harmful, with compelling reasons why. We have long explained why this is not contradictory. We have a duty to promote the truth, but also have to work with the reality of where society is at. Almost all political and legal work in a broken society is exactly that – working to reduce evil to the greatest extent possible. We can work to make the law as least harmful as possible, while still pointing to a much better alternative.

We urge you to pray that God will soften the hearts of our leaders so that they will recognize their duty to protect human life and act accordingly. Please also pray for a blessing on all those speaking up for life at the Justice committee meetings planned for next week. And please pray that Christians will seize the opportunity to shine a bright light of hope to our society, which is in so much need of true love, hope, and dignity.

It is very encouraging to see that so many of you have not quit! Over the past year you have worked tirelessly to oppose euthanasia with your emails, prayers, phone calls, and more. Seeing some of the media reports of your peaceful demonstrations this week is so encouraging. Thank you also to those who support our work financially so that we can do the work we do. Thank you for your efforts and please do not stop. As long as God gives us life, let us speak up for those whose lives and freedoms are being taken away.







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