Help stop harmful Federal Bill C-16 ‘Transgender Rights’ in the Senate



January 23, 2017

Read our first post about Bill C-16 ‘Transgender Rights’ here.

On a mountainBill C-16, introduced by the Liberal government, seeks to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to outlaw discrimination on the basis of “gender identity” and “gender expression”. If passed, C-16 will also amend the Criminal Code to prohibit “hate propaganda” about people based on their gender identity or gender expression.

If you came to one of our tour presentations this past fall, you will understand why this bill may have good intentions but will cause lasting harm. In fact, the people it will hurt the most are transgendered youth.

ARPA’s Policy Report on Gender Identity addresses the nuances of this issue, including the complexities of intersex conditions (biological conditions at birth) and gender dysphoria (a psychiatric condition). Our Report explains that there is no evidence that the difficulties associated with transgender identification – including higher rates of suicide and attempted suicide, overall mortality, and the need for psychiatric care – are alleviated by affirming alternative gender identities in those with gender identity issues.

The people it will hurt the most are transgendered youth.

Bill C-16 sailed through the House of Commons late last year. The committee that is supposed to carefully review every piece of justice legislation didn’t even bother examining the bill.

It has now been passed on to the Senate. The House of Commons and Senate have recessed until the beginning of February, so now is the time for us speak up and ensure that Bill C-16 does not also rush through the Senate without careful and thoughtful scrutiny.

The time to act is now, before this hurtful legislation becomes law. It takes just 10 minutes to write an Easymail, and 15 minutes to call three Senators. That’s just 25 minutes out of your week to love our vulnerable neighbours, particularly transgender youth, by graciously and compassionately speaking about the truth of how God designed us.

We’re challenging each of you to do two things:

  1. We’ve created a draft email for you at with some arguments against Bill C-16. Pick the letter that corresponds to your province and send it off. Each of the senators who represent that province will be copied on your email automatically.

You can find links to the Provincial EasyMail letters below:

  1. Emails can so easily be ignored, but phone calls can’t. We are challenging you to call three of the senators from your province using the phone script below. The discussion will likely vary, but this will help you with some of the discussion. Find the phone numbers for the Senators in your province below the script. If you’re uncomfortable calling a Senator directly, just leave a voicemail after hours!


YOU: Hello, my name is {name} and I’m just calling in regards to a Bill that is coming before the Senate shortly, Bill C-16.

Assistant: Ok, I’m afraid the senator isn’t available right now, can I pass a message along?

YOU: Yes, I would just like to express my concern that Bill C-16 will not help people struggling with gender identity issues. I’ll give you a couple reasons if you don’t mind.

Assistant: Go ahead

YOU: Many doctors, including some Canadian doctors, are concerned about what happens when the government gets involved in a controversial topic like gender dysphoria. We don’t even understand the long-term effects of surgery or hormone therapy and other methods. But now, this bill would seek to muzzle those with concerns about it. I’m particularly concerned how it will negatively affect children and youth with gender dysphoria and limit the help that’s available to them. I would encourage the Senator to vote against it.

Assistant: Well I appreciate your thoughts on this, I’m not sure where the senator will stand on this issue, but I’ll be sure to pass along the message.

YOU: Thank you very much.

Name Affiliation Phone Number Email
Douglas Black Non-affiliated 613-996-8757 [email protected]
Elaine McCoy Non-affiliated 613-995-4293 [email protected]
Grant Mitchell Non-affiliated 613-995-4254 [email protected]
Scott Tannas Conservative 613-943-2240 [email protected]
Claudette Tardif Liberal 613-947-3589 [email protected]
Betty Unger Conservative 613-996-7420 [email protected]

Name Affiliation Phone Number Email
Larry Campbell Non-affiliated 613-995-4050 [email protected]
Mobina Jaffer Liberal 613-992-0189 [email protected]
Yonah Martin Conservative 613-947-4078 [email protected]
Richard Neufeld Conservative 613-947-4055 [email protected]
Nancy Greene Raine Conservative 613-947-4052 [email protected]
Yuen Pau Woo Non-affiliated 613-995-9244 [email protected]

Name Affiliation Phone Number Email
Patricia Bovey Non-affiliated 613-995-9176 [email protected]
Raymonde Gagne Non-affiliated 613-943-4323 [email protected]
Marilou McPhedran Non-affiliated 613-996-2106 [email protected]
Donald Plett Conservative 613-992-0180 [email protected]
Murray Sinclair Non-affiliated 613-995-0234 [email protected]

Name Affiliation Phone Number Email
Salma Ataullahjan Conservative 613-947-5906 [email protected]
Lynn Beyak Conservative 613-996-8680 [email protected]
Gwen Boniface Non-affiliated 613-995-9193 [email protected]
Anne C. Cools Non-affiliated 613-992-2808 [email protected]
Tony Dean Non-affiliated 613-996-2312 [email protected]
Nicole Eaton Conservative 613-947-4047 [email protected]
Art Eggleton Liberal 613-995-4230 [email protected]
Tobias C. Enverga Jr. Conservative 613-943-1945 [email protected]
Linda Frum Conservative 613-992-0310 [email protected]
Peter Harder Non-affiliated 613-995-0222 [email protected]
Colin Kenney Liberal 613-996-2877 [email protected]
Frances Lankin Non-affiliated 613-995-2795 [email protected]
Sarabjit Marwah Non-affiliated N/A [email protected]
Don Meredith Non-affiliated 613-996-8572 [email protected]
Lucie Moncion Non-affiliated 613-996-2224 [email protected]
Jim Munson Liberal 613-947-2504 [email protected]
Thanh Hai Ngo Conservative 613-943-1599 [email protected]
Victor Oh Conservative 613-943-1880 [email protected]
Ratna Omidvar Non-affiliated 613-943-4330 [email protected]
Kim Pate Non-affiliated 613-995-9220 [email protected]
Bob Runciman Conservative 613-943-4020 [email protected]
Howard Wetston Non-affiliated 613-995-9197 [email protected]
Vernon White Conservative 613-996-7602 [email protected]
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