Updated: Letters to MP and Newspapers in Response to Conservative Funding of Homosexual Pride Week



June 22, 2009

ARPA Note: Learn more about the federal Conservative party’s $400,000 contribution to the Toronto Pride Week by reading this Lifesitenews article here. In response, this is what two of ARPA Canada’s readers sent to newspapers and their MP:

Irma D noted “This is an example of how one can find information on Lifesite and rework it into a letter  to the editor.”

“Are the blinders off yet?  The Conservatives gave $400,000 to Toronto Gay Pride Week! Is this a government that would strengthen the family rather than destroy it?  Supporting the financing of a sexual minority with such extravagance proves that this government lacks statesmen and spiritual leaders.  Once a society devalues children – think abortion; devalues marriage and family – think easy divorce; and accepts homosexuality as normative, then society is on its last legs. 

“Great civilizations are not conquered from without until they have destroyed themselves from within.”
In his book, “The American Sex Revolution”, (1956, pp 77-105) Russian Harvard Sociologist Pitirim Sirokin analyzed cultures spanning thousands of years on several continents.  He found that virtually all political revolutions that brought about societal collapse were preceded by sexual revolutions in which marriage and family were no longer accorded a premiere status.

In his 1934 book, “Sex and Culture”, British anthropologist Joseph Daniel Unwin chronicled the historical decline of numerous cultures, including the Roman Empire. He found that cultures that held to a strong sexual ethic thrived and were more productive than cultures that were “sexually free.”

Our sexually saturated society is destroying families and children with reckless abandon.  The only way to stop this crisis is to return to the moral fiber of the Christian foundation our country was built on. Pray for truth and righteousness in our government and join a party with Christian principles! The Conservative Government has abandoned its most precious resource – families and children.”

Irma D

Additional proofs [space permitting]: 
In his book, “Our Dance Has Turned to Death”, Carl Wilson identifies the common pattern of family decline in civilizations like the Roman Empire. It is significant how these seven stages parallel what is happening in Canada and other Western nations.

In his book, “When Nations Die”, Jim Nelson Black lists three aspects of decay: social decay, cultural decay, and moral decay. Three important trends demonstrate social decay. They are “the crisis of lawlessness,” the “loss of economic discipline,” and “rising bureaucracy.”

Dear Ed Fast,

I voted for you because I wanted to send a conservative to Ottawa. I was hoping you would be morally conservative, but if not that, I had hopes that you would at least be fiscally conservative. But now I’ve found out the Conservative government has given $400,000 of taxpayers’ money to fund a gay pride parade in Toronto that flouts the law (nude men and women are a regular feature of this public parade) and celebrates a lifestyle that I in no way would want to support.

If you are morally conservative, and believe as I do that God’s plan for sex is for it to be exercised in private between a man and woman in the loving bonds of marriage, then I know I can count on you to speak up for reversing this funding.

If you instead wish to promote homosexuality, but have high regard for the law, then I ask you to still speak up against this funding, as it goes to a parade that involves nude men and women and simulated sex acts, all done on the public streets.

If you don’t care about the illegality or immorality of this parade, then I hope you might still speak out against it on the basis of the cost involved. Why are we spending $400,000 of taxpayer money on a parade in this economy? If you have $400,000 to spare, then pay down the deficit and decrease the debt our children will have to repay.

So I ask you for action – please stop the funding for this parade.


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