Making the Case: Prostitution



January 28, 2015

The following article, “Making the Case: Prostitution” was originally published in the Reformed Perspective magazine. It has been included here as a reference item for our readers. 

There is more to the world’s oldest profession than most people realize.

Commonly referred to as “the oldest profession”, prostitution is a vice that just won’t go away. Or so we are told. Even some Christians suggest that there’s no sense in trying to “legislate morality”. After all, if we don’t have laws against adultery, why should there be laws against prostitution? Why should we care just because money changes hands?

But a case can and should be made for using the law to combat prostitution. There are clear biblical principles involved, and a pretty convincing practical case to be made as well. So I am going to begin biblically, and conclude with six arguments for criminalizing prostitution that even non-Christians should appreciate and understand.

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