Updated: many bills would die with election call



March 24, 2011

UPDATE: At first we were thrilled to learn that the Senate was rushing Bill C-54 through and good progress was being made towards getting it passed on time. However, a source has informed us mid-Friday that the Opposition Senators have stalled the debate, effectively killing the bill.

If an election is called, many bills will die in Parliament without becoming law. In particular, there is one (Bill C-54) currently in the Senate that would increase mandatory minimum sentences and make it illegal to arrange to commit sexual offences against children. It can still be passed before Friday afternoon, if there is a will from the Senators. A sample letter and a list of all their email addresses is below. One bill that we would be grateful to see terminated is C-389 (adding extra rights for transgendered Canadians). Read more details about current bills that will be affected by an election here.

Sample letter

Dear Senator,

Recently the House of Commons voted to pass legislation (Bill C-54 An Act to amend the Criminal Code – sexual offences against children) that would help protect children from sexual exploitation. As you are well aware, this bill will die in the Senate if it does not pass before an election is called. I respectfully urge you on behalf of many Canadians to do what you can to get this legislation passed immediately. It will go a long way towards protecting our children. And it would take a long time to see something like this come back in a new Parliament.

With appreciation for your service for our nation,

[Your name]

List of senator email addresses: We have put the contact information in the attached Word document so that they can be copied and pasted into your email acccount without problems.  Please split this up into two emails because most email programs won’t let you put this many addresses in one email.

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