New lawyer coming on board with ARPA



May 23, 2017
There’s a new staff member coming alongside the ARPA team. Tabitha Ewert has just finished her law degree at the University of British Columbia and she’s moving to Ottawa this summer to do a year of articling with ARPA’s legal team. To start her training, Tabitha attended the Christian Legal Institute conference in London, Ontario earlier this month.

She says the experience was very intense. “We spent about 8 hours of every day in lectures or discussions, and we would then carry over those discussions into meal times and social times.” She says the conference was a great education experience. “The focus was on Christian involvement in public life. What is our role? What does the Bible say our role is?” She says there was a lot of emphasis on the notion that neutrality is “a bit of a myth; in everything we do, we are either covenant keepers or covenant breakers.”

When she’s finished with her articling process and is admitted to the bar, the plan is to have her focus most of her efforts on the We Need a Law side of ARPA’s organization.

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