News and Notes – June 15, 2024



June 15, 2024

Liana Gordan: It’s common sense for Conservatives to defend the unborn (NATIONAL POST)

This extended Letter to the Editor critiques the half-hearted or defensive reaction of many politicians to being labeled “pro-life.” Gordan says, “A truly common-sense conservative movement would call out contradictions, scientifically erroneous definitions and injustices wherever they occur… People want politicians with principles — and consistent ones at that.”

Abortion for fetal anomalies devalues people living with disabilities (WE NEED A LAW)

World News Group recently published an article questioning the allowance of abortion in cases of fetal anomalies. We Need a Law wrote this follow-up article about the issue of deciding which lives are more worth living, and the pressure that can come from doctors who deliver a prenatal diagnosis.

States could take on FDA in abortion pill case  (WORLD)

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against doctors who were challenging the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill mifepristone this week, but there is political will to continue the challenge against the life-ending drug. Mifepristone has also been available to end pre-born lives in Canada since 2017.

Motherhood now a side hustle (CATHOLIC REGISTER)

Andrea Mrozek proposes that an increase in fertility rates will not take place until there is a shift in mindset and identity among Canadians, particularly women. Our culture needs to see motherhood once again as a beautiful and honourable task in its own right, not something secondary to or competing with personal growth and career achievements.

Gender & Sexuality
Desecrating the image of God – Carl Trueman  (FIRST THINGS)

Carl Trueman argues in this piece that “Trans ideology and pro-abortion politics are exhilarating because they make their proponents feel like God.”

Q: Why does everyone in the church say that looking at pornography is so dangerous?  (PLANTS & PILLARS)

Plants and Pillars, a youth-focused publication of the Free Reformed Churches, tackles this important question about the harms of pornography.


Many people must face death on their own as families become smaller and move apart. Christians need to be aware that we cannot neglect the dying and that “one’s eternal destiny is of utmost importance” and so we must be prepared to attend to the dying in our lives.

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