Sexual ‘liberation’ of children and youth



March 10, 2011

By Maaike Rosendal (a member of Southern Alberta ARPA). First published in Reformed Daily newspaper (Reformatorisch Dagblad) in the Netherlands, March 2, 2011. A second update, about “safe abortions” is here.

Government officials and organizations from around the world are currently gathering at the UN headquarters in New York for the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Maaike Rosendal (social worker with a pro-life organization) shares one of her experiences while at this conference.

Together with two friends I attend an official gathering of organizations, UN officials, and UNFPA (population fund) about comprehensive sexuality education. While the attendants enjoy an extravagant breakfast, panellists argue that the right to education can be used to force governments to provide comprehensive sex education. Practical examples are used, such as that young children should be taught they have a right to sexually explore and that doing so is empowering and liberating.

A curriculum is passed around, developed by International Planned Parenthood, which encourages the same. The curriculum normalizes behaviors proven to be harmful, as well as considered immoral by many. Activities include stories that emphasize how having casual sex is fun; it increases one’s confidence and self esteem, and a pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease can easily be solved by abortion or treatment.

The panellists cite research to show that comprehensive sex education is beneficial. Youth who are taught what the outcome of certain choices can be, such as that casual sex leads to unwanted pregnancy, abortion, STDs, and emotional pain, will often choose to engage in less premarital intimacy.

The research that is shared is correct: teaching young people about the results of certain choices enables them to make informed decisions. It shows that limiting the number of sexual partners and especially waiting until marriage benefits them, which testifies to the wisdom of God’s decrees. However, the type of sex education that the UN promotes does the opposite. UNFPA advocates encouraging children and youth to use their sexuality however, whenever, and with whomever they want. There is a complete disregard of the evidence that shows this is harmful, and a disregard of the responsibility and rights of parents to teach their children according to their religious and moral values.

At this meeting, we receive insight into what the UN promotes through its ideologies and countless programs around the globe. It is high time we counter this movement. For one, stop financial support in order to prevent that your money is used by an organization that abuses is position and mandate to further a harmful, radical sexual agenda. Secondly, educate yourself about the UN’s activities in your community. They may be active in the public school system or through community groups and events. Finally, contact the delegation and/or ambassador that represent our country at the UN: share your concerns and respectfully urge them to take action. Try to come up with practical advice for the delegation. The more people they hear from, and the clearer the message of what you’d like them to do, the better.

This is an issue that should matter to us all as it directly impacts children, youth, adults, and families worldwide. In fact, it is an issue that calls us to our Christian duty to expose evil, protect the vulnerable, and promote that which is beneficial and good.


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