Statement Regarding the ECP Centre



January 29, 2009

Recognizing a similar Christian grounding, ARPA Canada and the ECP Centre met recently to promote better understanding and communication between the two organizations. Both organizations are grateful that our unique missions and perspectives can complement each other and serve to further the application of the Christian faith to public life in Canada.

The ECP Centre started in 2005 and quickly became a strong defender of civil liberties, through both word and deed. It continues to support Christians who face legal challenges for the public expression of their faith.  It has also been promoting a new alternative media through its websites and podcasts. A third element of its mission has been education, though the other elements have overshadowed this so far.

ARPA Canada has a two-fold mission: to promote political action in Canada’s Reformed churches and to bring a biblical perspective directly to our civil governments. We are a grassroots organization that strives to equip the Reformed church community to be salt and a light in Canadian political life.

At our January meeting, the two organizations agreed that any duplication of efforts that currently exists should be minimized. To further that end, the ECP Centre will reduce the educational component of its mission, while maintaining its successful Ignite conferences. ARPA Canada will continue with and strengthen its educational efforts. When possible, the ECP Centre will offer its expertise to assist ARPA Canada in this. 

The meeting also affirmed that most of our respective efforts are not competing but complementary. There are many different organizations that can work alongside each other to promote and defend a biblical worldview in the public square. ARPA Canada and the ECP Centre can continue to serve both the Reformed churches and Canadian society in general while fulfilling our unique missions.

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