Provincial God & Government Conferences

ARPA’s God & Government Conferences are back!

The God & Government Conference has been historically held in Ottawa, but that’s changing for 2022. Because various travel restrictions make it difficult for some people to travel out to Ottawa and because provincial governments are playing an ever-increasing role in our lives, we will be hosting four separate provincial God & Government Conferences this spring.

These conferences will feature in-depth presentations on current provincial and federal political issues such as conscience rights, conversion therapy, or independent education; interactive workshops where you can learn about, practice, and brainstorm avenues for political action; and opportunities to network with fellow Christians who are passionate about bringing the Word of God to bear on political topics. These conferences will feature a wide variety of speakers ranging from ARPA staff to pastors to politicians to academics to cultural leaders.

We are still arranging the details of these conferences, but we encourage you to save the dates below in your calendar and click on each one to learn more and to register. You won’t want to miss these God & Government Conferences!