Pre-Born Human Rights

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalm 139:13-14

Since R v Morgentaler in 1988 abortion has been legal in Canada, and since the Canadian government has not created any new legislation protecting the unborn, Canada remains one of the only countries in the world without any abortion laws at all. is an organization started by ARPA Canada to focus efforts on this vacuum. Find a link to their website below for more on our efforts.

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23 May 2017 Defending Crisis Pregnancy Centres

Pro-life blogger, Patricia Maloney Abortion rights activist, Joyce Arthur Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney has taken on a new project. She’s written a series of blog posts debunking some misinformation that’s being promoted by Joyce Arthur from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, specifically about Crisis Pregnancy Centres around the country. Maloney says Arthur’s positions are simply not based in fact. She says one of Arthur’s biggest complaints about the centres is that they “mislead women and give them misinformation”, she says the centres claim to be medical centres when they’re not and that...

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23 May 2017 Respectfully Submitted

ARPA has released a new Respectfully Submitted policy report. Law and Policy Director André Schutten says the report focusses on abortion and pre-born human rights. He says the report uses language that is “winsome in today’s culture. The language of ‘human rights’, and basing (the policy position) in science.” He says the report pulls the reader through both the scientific record and then relates the issue to human rights, and how currently, Canadian law is “completely incompatible with both science and human rights.” He says the report also proposes a “reasonable...

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16 May 2017 Special Donor Opportunity: ARPA’s Bible Project

Help us bring God’s Word to every MP, Senator, MLA and MPP in Canada!     This year marks the 150th birthday of Canada and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. To commemorate the special occasion, with your help, ARPA Canada is hoping to present a Bible to every one of our approximately 1,200 federal and provincial government officials. We plan to include a special card encouraging them to look to God’s Word for life and wisdom. “So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me...

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16 May 2017 LN Feature: Looking at Canada’s Legacy

Jonathon Van Maren addresses delegates at God & Government Youth 2017 When André (Schutten) asked me to talk with you guys tonight a bit about the way forward - and what you guys can all do as you leave here - what I wanted to leave you with first and foremost was a sense of perspective. On Canada’s 150th anniversary, the federal government has been encouraging Canadians to consider what it means to be a Canadian. The current government wants to celebrate a legacy that began - more or less - with...

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25 Apr 2017 Summer student job funding pulled from pro-life group

Jonathon Van Maren, Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform The federal government has applied what amounts to a “values test” to determine eligibility for funding on the Canada Summer Jobs Program. The program is supposed to provide wage subsidies for employers to help them train full-time students, and to provide those students with some income so they don’t have to rely exclusively on student loans to fund their education. However, the government is looking at changing the rules to ensure that no Liberal MPs would be allowed to allocate money to any pro-life...

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18 Apr 2017 An Open Letter to Alberta’s Minister of Education

ARPA Canada routinely asks for you, our supporters, to submit respectful letters to our elected representatives. Every once in a while we see an example that is extraordinary in its tone, content and force. Below is one such example. Dear Minister Eggen, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing primarily in regards to the controversy surrounding the recent showing of "The Case Against Abortion: Personhood." However, I will also take this opportunity to share my perspective and concern on your approach to education more generally. My family and I live...

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18 Apr 2017 WeNeedaLAW staff present to Parliament committee on maternity benefits

Alicia Ibbitson, Administrative Assistant, WeNeedaLAW We Need a Law has a new Administrative Assistant. Alicia Ibbitson has a background in medical research. She started her job earlier this month, but a week before she was officially on board, she appeared - by video link - as a witness before Parliament's Human Services Committee. The Committee is looking at improvement to maternity benefits, and Ibbitson says there’s a tangible link to the abortion issue. “Twenty percent of women who seek to have an abortion state finances as their number one reason” for...

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18 Apr 2017 Status of Women minister refuses to call sex-selective abortion gender-based violence

MP Rachael Harder MP Maryam Monsef The Minister responsible for the Status of Women has refused to outright condemn sex-selective abortion as “gender-based violence.” The issue came up during a Status of Women Committee meeting in Ottawa – a meeting that was considering gender-based violence. Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder asked Minister Maryam Monsef specifically whether she would make a connection between sex-selective abortion and gender-based violence. In an exchange that’s gone viral on social media (you can watch it here), Monsef responded that “violence comes at a spectrum; it can be physical, it...

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06 Apr 2017 March for Life 2017

Click the image to enlarge The National March for Life will be held in Ottawa on Thursday, May 11, 2017, and across the country there will be six other provincial marches (click here for a listing). Reformed Prayer Services will be held in both Victoria, prior to the provincial march in BC, and in Ottawa, prior to the national march. We hope to see you at one of these prayer services, details are below. Following each prayer service there will be bagged lunches for all those who pre-register (you can do so here). After...

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04 Apr 2017 The real genetic discrimination no one is talking about

André Schutten, Director of Law and Policy - ARPA Canada Something unusual happened in Parliament last month. More than 100 Liberal MPs defied their leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and voted in favour of a bill that had originated in the Senate. Bill S-201 would disallow what's called "genetic profiling". ARPA's Director of Law and Policy, André Schutten, says the goal is to make sure that genetic testing can’t be required in applications for employment or life insurance policies. He says under this law, “a life insurance policy, or a health...

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