07 Feb 2018 Help us bring better palliative care to Ontario

MPP Sam Oosterhoff Member of Provincial Parliament Sam Oosterhoff put forward the Compassionate Care Act (Bill 182) in the Ontario legislature last fall. Currently the bill has passed second reading and has been referred to committee. The Compassionate Care Act is a step to ensure that palliative care is an option for more Ontarians. It requires the Minister of Health and Long-term Care to develop a provincial framework to identify the value of palliative care and what it will take to promote it as an option in Ontario’s health care system through...

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07 Feb 2018 Ontario Court decides it’s reasonable to force doctors to refer for assisted suicide

Ontario doctors who have religious or conscientious objections to practices such as abortion or doctor-assisted suicide (euphemistically called Medical Assistance in Dying) will nevertheless have to give effective referrals to their patients for the procedures. Either that, or they’ll have to change their medical specialties into areas where these things are not an issue. That’s the upshot of a unanimous ruling of a 3-judge panel of the Ontario Superior Court, issued on January 31st. The ruling addresses a legal challenge filed by the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada (CMDS), several...

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19 Dec 2017 LN Feature: 2017: A Year in Review

André Schutten, Director of Law and Policy - ARPA Canada LN: Mark, let's start with you. Let's start with a broad overview of some of the organizational highlights we've seen in the past year. Give me some of those highlights. MP: Yeah. I could touch on our first-ever God and Government Youth Conference, the big legal win we had against the Province of Ontario in the FIPPA case; maybe the Bibles that went to every federal and provincial (elected) government official in our land. Those were big developments, and there was many...

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12 Dec 2017 Progress on palliative care

MP Marilyn Gladu MPP Sam Oosterhoff Bill C-277 is expected to become law today. This is the “Framework on Palliative Care in Canada Act”, first put forward as a private member’s bill by Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu. The bill calls for the development of a national palliative care strategy. It passed the House of Commons with all-party support earlier this year, and it cleared the Senate last Friday. Royal Assent is set to happen today. Meanwhile, there’s also a push underway in Ontario to expand palliative care services. Sam Oosterhoff, the MPP for...

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09 Nov 2017 Passed: Manitoba’s Bill 34 to protect conscience rights

**UPDATE: Bill 34 passed the Manitoba Legislature unanimously. Please be sure to thank your MLA. You can use our EasyMail here.** Following the federal government’s law that legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in 2016, Manitoba’s PC government introduced Bill 34 to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals who rightly don’t believe it is ethical to assist in killing. Already at the bill’s introduction the Manitoba NDP opposed it, saying it was unnecessary. Since then, it appears the NDP and independent MLA Steven Fletcher may be trying to directly or indirectly stall...

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07 Nov 2017 Manitoba is unified on protecting Doctor’s consciences

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew It appears there will be all-party support for a bill to protect conscience rights for doctors in Manitoba. The issue came up in the Manitoba Legislature’s Question Period last month in the context of a man whose requests for euthanasia had been delayed because he was in a Catholic hospital which doesn't offer or refer for euthanasia. NDP leader Wab Kinew raised some questions about the process in that case, but also said his party would "respect the rights of health-care professionals to treat patients in a...

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24 Oct 2017 Palliative care strategy bill continues through the Senate

MP Marilyn Gladu ARPA Canada Grassroots Manager, Colin Postma The Senate has started Committee hearings on Bill C-277. That's a private members bill from Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu which calls for the establishment of a national palliative care strategy in Canada. Gladu kicked off the Committee hearing last week by talking about several components of the bill, including the notion that there is a need for better training in palliative care across the country. She says there are only about 20 palliative care specialists in Canada today, and with an aging population, the...

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17 Oct 2017 ARPA Canada releases full-length version of its “Ending Suffering: The Palliative Alternative” documentary

ARPA Canada Grassroots Manager, Colin Postma ARPA has now released a full-length version of its "Ending Suffering - the Palliative Care Alternative" video. Over the past year, 12 individual videos have been posted online, and now those individual interviews have been compiled into a single, full-length video. Grassroots Manager Colin Postma says the video project was conceived more than a year ago, just ahead of the 2016 annual Fall Tour. “André (Schutten) and I put together this crazy plan (last year) to film a series of 12 individual interviews over a period...

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