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09 Sep 2008 Gambling At the Ballot Box

If we really think about it, the vote that we may cast on October 19 is extraordinary. We have been given a say in who will rule this country and by what principles it will be ruled. The power of your vote is no less than anyone else's, not even the Prime Minister's. Throughout history, much blood was spilled so that citizens could have a voice in government. And in many other countries, elections are corrupted with intimidation and dishonesty. We are sure blessed to be able to contribute in such a meaningful way to the government of Canada. It is both a great privilege and a great responsibility to be able to vote. But judging from the dismal voter turnout and the attitude towards elections, it sure does not seem that Canadians see our vote as a privilege and responsibility. What do I mean? Canadians, including many Christians, treat their vote as if it is a gambling game. We try to calculate the direction that this country or riding is going in and then we cast our vote pragmatically, if at all. "It would be a wasted vote if I voted for him or her," or "I’ll put my vote behind the candidate who will most likely beat the party that I despise" are just two examples of a much more common phenomenon.
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