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13 Jun 2013 Christian school case going to the Supreme Court!

Loyola Christian School is going to the Supreme Court of Canada! After a shocking decision from the Quebec Court of Appeal, Loyola applied to the Supreme Court for a hearing. The Court of Appeal had ruled in December 2012 that it is reasonable for a government to require a Christian school to set aside its Christian worldview for an hour a day in order to teach about other religions. This morning, the Supreme Court of Canada allowed Loyola's application for an appeal and so the process will begin to prepare for the appeal. ARPA Canada and the Reformed Christian community are very interested in the outcome of this case - Reformed denominations, as a rule, run their own independent schools and the Quebec Court of Appeal decision would pose an incredible infringment on how we "raise up our children in the way they should go." For some background on the case and what it means for Reformed Christians, click read more.
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