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03 Aug 2010 New ARPA Video: Bible Inscriptions on Parliament

What does Canada's Christian heritage mean today? For one, it reminds us that "Canadian values" are not what judges or journalists dream up. Our history testifies that it was Christian principles that built this country and made it strong and free. This very short video looks at some examples of Canada's Christian heritage, carved into our Parliament buildings in Ottawa. ...

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23 Nov 2009 Video Tutorial: How a Bill Becomes Law

In this ARPA Canada video tutorial (below), we explain the steps that legislation has to take to become law. This is helpful to better understand the news and action items that we provide about particular bills in Parliament. Please send us your feedback or suggestions for future video tutorials - [email protected]   Free Social justice tutorials: For Group Study (available both online and as a DVD/booklet). Click here. ...

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