Scary idea to help them off



October 14, 2011

Chilliwack Times, Oct 13 Re: “Sometimes help is needed” letter in the Oct. 6 edition of the Chilliwack Times.

What is a Christian approach to life and death? Please don’t tell me it is helping end the life of someone. Mentioning that one might need to be “helped” off, if they are not in good enough mental or physical shape to meet God on their own, is a scary idea. Who is going to do the “helping” and when does someone decide the time to be “helped” has arrived?

We need to support and value life and palliative care research. Compassion is caring for a loved one through all stages of life.

Legalizing the means to end the life of the sick and elderly is not a safe option.

What if they really weren’t ready to die?

Belinda VanWinkoop, Chilliwack

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