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November 16, 2011

Over the past few days Canada’s newspapers have been inundated with letters to the editor in support of euthanasia and assisted suicide in light of the BC Supreme Court case that has reopened the issue. The papers are eager to hear from more perspectives on this issue. Letters to the editor are free, take minimal time to write, and make a huge impact. What are we waiting for!

Mike Schouten is one ARPA reader who saw the opportunity. Knowing that the issue was coming before the court this week, he wrote a letter to the editor and sent it to some of Canada’s largest papers. It has already been published in the Vancouver Province, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Globe & Mail, reaching thousands of Canadians.

With an issue like this, we know that Canadians can be swayed either for life or for death. Polls have shown that when people are first told about the dangers of euthanasia and assisted suicide, they will be far more likely to be opposed to it. If we aren’t being a prophetic witness to this nation, the only message that will be heard is one in favour of death. If you aren’t sure what to write, you can find an ARPA article that explains this topic and provides talking points here.

Given how timely this issue is, you don’t even need to respond to an article that is in the paper. Just send it in! And if you see a good letter already published, send in another letter agreeing with it.

ARPA’s letter to the editor contest deadline has been changed from December 9 to December 15. That is only one month away. If you get your letter published, be sure to let us know so that we can enter it into the contest. Holland Shopping Centre has generously donated $500 in prizes (5 categories).

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