Urge Parliament to Say No to Euthanasia!



February 3, 2016

ARPA Canada is calling for at least 1,000 EasyMail letters to be sent Parliament in next two weeks!

Within weeks a special committee in Parliament will have wrapped up its assignment and made recommendations for a law which will allow euthanasia and assisted suicide. Now is the time to make our voice heard. 

ARPA Canada has been lobbying Parliamentarians since the Supreme Court decision last February. We have explained to them that the Supreme Court made a mistake. Their decision rested on the false premise that the purpose of the law was only to protect vulnerable people in a time of crisis. That simply is not true.  Our law has long recognized that euthanasia is also wrong because we may not intentionally kill an innocent human being. We have a published a legal analysis which explains this in depth, and have sent that to all MPs and Senators.

This is important because it means that Parliament is still able to  pass a new law which continues to prohibit all euthanasia.

But we need your help to make sure Parliament hears this message loud and clear. We are just a few lobbyists. It is clear from what we are hearing in our meetings with MPs and what we are seeing discussed at this special Parliamentary committee that they still think they have to listen to the Supreme Court and legalize euthanasia.

We are calling you to add your voice to ours. We have created new EasyMail letters, each of which is copied to all the members of the committee as well as the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Health. We would like to see these Parliamentarians inundated with the message that Canada should not cross this line and allow more killing. 


 EasyMail Letters: Four Choices – Pick One!

  1. Letter 1: Euthanasia – Parliament can still stop it!
  2. Letter 2: Euthanasia – Please read ARPA’s legal analysis
  3. Letter 3: Euthanasia – Right to life is for all humans
  4. Letter 4: Euthanasia – blank (will go to committee and MP but you put in your own message)


ARPA’s Legal and Policy Resources on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia:


Mail This Powerful and Interactive Card to Your MP:

Order these cards in batches of 10 by emailing [email protected] with your address and a request. Donations to offset the cost of printing and mailing are welcomed but not mandatory.

Phone Your MP Instead!

Put in your Postal code below, and it will provide you your MP’s phone number. Then click on the button below and it will provide you with a script you can use (if that doesn’t work there’s one below as well) or edit the script if you like when calling. If you prefer not to speak to your MP directly you can call after-hours and leave a voicemail instead.

**Phone Script**

Hello [MP],
As you are aware, there is incredible pressure right now to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide.
Once the right to life becomes subjective, it becomes impossible to enact safe-guards. If one person has a “right” to die because of how they feel about their condition, why can’t someone else? Suddenly it becomes the government’s duty to kill all those who want it. At the same time, everyone else who qualifies (because of a disability etc) suddenly has to justify their existence in the face of a law that would allow them to be killed for no other reason than their disability.
Your Ottawa office should have received a package from ARPA Canada regarding a legal analysis of this issue. You can also find it on ARPA’s website. If Parliament uses this option it has the means to continue to protect human life and prohibit assisted suicide without invoking section 33 of the Charter.
I would also encourage you to support palliative and compassionate end-of-life care rather than euthanasia. A Parliamentary caucus has been formed called the Canadian Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care for MPs who are working towards this very goal. I encourage you to join this caucus and promote genuine human dignity in Canada.
Can you please share with me what you plan to do to protect human life and prohibit any measures that would challenge this?
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