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16 Jul 2013 Do censorship laws favour lesbians over Christians?

ARPA has been covering the abuses of human rights commissions for quite some time. You can see more coverage on our Stand Up For Freedom campaign targeting this sad state of affairs. Another group that does a great job of tracking, exposing and advocating against these commissions is the Canadian Constitution Foundation. In a short and sweet analysis in the Huffington Post, Mr. Derek From, one of their lawyers, exposing in shocking detail the blatent double standard employed by these commissions. He wrote the following: On June 19, comedian Guy...

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12 Jul 2013 Video Interview: How BC, AB, and SK can Stand Up for Free Speech!

Stand Up for Freedom Canada sat down with John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms , after a presentation he made for Alberta ARPA chapters in Edmonton this spring. In this video Mr. Carpay explains the work he does and the opportunity for Western Canadians to stand up for freedom by reforming their human rights codes.
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28 Jun 2013 A Good Reason to Rejoice this Canada Day: Bill C-304 Passes!

ARPA Canada is thrilled to finally see Bill C-304 pass through the Senate this week, removing the infamous Section 13 from the Canadian Human Rights Code. This Section has chilled free speech in Canada and been used to classify the truth as hate speech. We tip our hats to MP Brian Storseth, who had the courage to introduce this legislation and defend it all the way through Parliament over the past couple years. The fact that it is a private member's bill and still passed is a huge testament to...

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