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26 Nov 2007 Reformed Perspective Magazine

Reformed Perspective Magazine

Subscribing to Reformed Perspective magazine will ensure that you are fed with a Biblical perspective on issues that matter. It is Canadian, current, and a pleasure to read. The web might be a helpful resource, but it is no substitute for a good magazine in the home.

Annual Subscription Rates:RP magazine

Canada and USA: $50.00*
(2 years $93.00, 3 years $137.00)*

International (Canadian funds) $68.00
(2 years $124.00, 3 years $182.00)RP magazine

*including 5% G.S,T. (G.S.T. No. R 118929272)

Subscription Address:

[email protected]

Reformed Perspective
c/o Premier Printing
One Beghin Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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