$5,000 needed by June 17 for Appeal by Marriage Commisioner



June 6, 2008


On May 30, 2008 the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission fined marriage commisioner Orville Nichols $2,500 because he refused to perform a gay marriage 3 years ago based on his religious beliefs. The tribunal decided that if you work for the government you can’t exercise your religion.

Marriage commissioner Orville Nichols who was fined needs financial help to appeal the ruling. Please consider adding your voice and dollars to the cause. This isn’t just his fight. No statute exists to protect either clergy or marriage commissioners in Saskatchewan. If a marriage commissioner can be fined for declining a homosexual marriage, so could a priest, a pastor, or a reverend. Click here to read more about the case and how you can help. Funds for Appeal Need to be Raised by June 17! [Click here for a story on Mr. Nichols].


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